Watou Classics

Watou’s Witbier

Following the substantial demand for “wittekes” or white beer in the mid-Eighties, we decided to develop our own version of this beer style. Since then our Watou’s Witbier has received several awards, among others in Australia, Canada and Italy. We use regional hops from Poperinge, as well as ungerminated wheat and several herbs for the specific identity of this cloudy beer.

This thirst-quencher opens with aromatic notes of coriander, followed by the flavour of fresh citrus and mild orange, with hints of wheat. This is followed by spicy and herbal notes and fresh hops with a slightly sour body. The fruity finish of lemon and apricot lingers in the mouth because of the mild tingle of carbonation.

Technical information:

  • ABV: 5 vol%
  • Degrees Plato: 10°
  • Hops: 3 varieties
  • Malt: 2 varieties
  • Fermentation: high fermentation beer