Boezinge Classics

Sas Premium Pils

Sas Pils is a locally brewed pils beer and a firm favourite with international beer fans, which is why you can find it around the world. Brussels, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, London, New York... These are just a few of the world capitals where you can enjoy this beer.

This beer is lovingly brewed, combining tradition with craftsmanship, bringing out its special character, which is a must for a proper pils beer. The carefully selected hops and malt infuse this beer with a full malty flavour, adding a refreshing aroma and a nicely-balanced bitterness. But the real icing on the cake is the dense head 

Technical information:

  • ABV: 5 vol%
  • Degrees Plato: 11°
  • Hops: 3 varieties
  • Malt: 1 variety
  • Fermentation: low fermentation ale