Kapittel Watou

Kapittel gluten-free

Gluten are proteins found in certain grains, such as barley, wheat… These proteins are not in themselves bad for your health, but some people cannot tolerate them. Beer is mainly made from barley and therefore contains gluten.

In order to meet the demand of customers with a gluten intolerance, we have done a test with Kapittel Blond in which the gluten was removed in a microbiological process. This test has resulted in the Kapittel Gluten-Free, a high fermentation beer with an alcohol content of 6,5%.

Technical information:

  • ABV: 6,5 vol%
  • Degrees Plato: 14°
  • Hops: 3 varieties
  • Malt: 2 varieties
  • Fermentation: high fermentation beer
  • Packaging forms: bottle: 25cl